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New Series-- Luminous Mosaic incorporate different concepts, can collage the beautiful design that forms diversity.Make it in the day and night to present a different pattern effect. Create romantic atmosphere with starlight, or apply to the movie, or where the light is weak, with pattern of instruction or warning to guide people, already beautiful and energy-saving.

about us

Foshan Global Bridge Building Materials Co.,Ltd. is a company helping our clients to grow business by designing, sourcing and delivery mosaic products.
Our customers see us as their solution provider and we have already successfully cooperatingwith nearly 3 hundred clients and some of them became our distributors and partners.

Original & Exclusive Mosaic From Global Bridge

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Crafted Artwork:Waterjet Marble Mosaic
Waterjet stone pattern, with its gorgeous, showily aggressive traits, also more and more love for stylist, become top-level element of buildings.
Fantastic Combinations: Irrgular Shape And Vivid Colour
Subtle changes in color that give people a different visual impact

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