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Product education, training and sales go hand in hand. In order to help your sales , our comprehensive mosaic product knowledge documents are for your reference, so that you can understand the product features, selling points and application scenarios while purchasing, and help you to better sell our products in your market. We have professional staff to explain the mosaic knowledge, and provide you with installation, maintenance and other documents.


Purchasing tiles is a big commitment. Most buyers need to assist in envisioning their projects before making a decision. To help your customers imagine their dream space, Global Bridge offers all the visual elements you need - from merchandise displays to brochures, catalogues, display boards, online DIY designs and other online visualizer tools.


Being responsive and always following through is how we do business.  We actively serve our customers by developing new products, providing a quick response on any requests, and resolving any issues that may arise before and after sales. We have completed business processes, and we have dedicated people in each link. Whether it is design team, sales team, quality controlling, every member of the after-sales team can contact our customers by email or phone. Our clients can rely on timely response.


Many buyers look for brands and qualities they can rely on when buying tiles, only buy from companies they trust. Over the years, we have continuously improved our product quality, service level, from selecting materials, production, online and offline sales, quality control, shipping and transportation, after-sales service, we strive to do our best and respond positively. Global Bridge is constantly innovating, catch on the market trends and commitment to environmentally-friendly sustainable practices to create trusted companies and products.

Are you interested in becoming a customer? Start by contacting us. Our team will be in touch to discuss the details.

Distributor Service

Being our distributor, client need to have warehouse, sales team, sales network, and annual order times at least 4 times with annual purchase amount reach to USD80,000.

◆ Distributor can have great discount, free sample, showroom design service.

◆ Distributor can have our support for sales promotion, exhibition and showroom set-up.

◆ Distributor can have customized carton, catalogue, sample folder and sample chart.

◆ Distributor no need to pay deposit, we will start production once the order being confirmed by hand signed.

◆ Distributor can have payment such as DP, Payment against B/L, Usance L/C, OA.

◆ Distributor can apply to become sole agent in specific area.

Sole Agent Policy

The condition of being our sole agent in the specific area is:

1. Global Bridge don't have other big customer in this area.

2. The purchase commitment meets our demand.

◆ If you decide to be our sole agent in a specific area, please answer the below questions?

◆ Have you done the mosaic business before? Which kind of mosaic you sell mostly?

◆ How many containers you import per year and do you have your own warehouse?

◆ How is your sales channel? Who is the biggest competitor in your market?

If you are clear about the above questions, we could try to sign a contract to have half year cooperation. In the contract we will indicate the sales amount you need to reach half year. If you could not reach the sales amount, the contract will be invalid.

After signing the Sole Agent Contract, we will not sell any products which are indicated in the contract to any new clients in your market. But we will keep our old clients.