Use normal neutral detergents for daily cleaning

Use acetone for special cleaning

Glass mosaic

Inside and Outside:

Use normal neutral detergents for daily cleaning, or use acetone for special cleaning


Clean the gap and surface with neutral detergents, Water needs to keep clean.

Crystal mosaic


Use normal neutral detergents for daily cleaning, or use acetone for special cleaning

Special note: for outside wall, need regular checking for the gaps, if adhesive is not filled enough, then fill the gap.

For Interior only product

Electroplated crystal mosaic can’t install in over acid or alkaline, underwater, sunshine duration, etc. place since they sensitive to the environment.

Electroplated surface crystal mosaic can’t install with hard adhesive and can’t use sharp material to scratch the surface.

Sandwich resin and mirror crystal is not recommended to use underwater

Product can use underwater

It is hard to avoid the fade away of the mosaic from the wall or floor underwater. It is recommend to get some more for backup.

Ceramic mosaic

It is more stable and easier to maintain than the other products, only need to keep surface clean with neutral detergents.

Stone mosaic

It is suitable for exterior and interior, polished surface normally will become rubber for time to time. Only needs to polish the surface again.

For the bathroom, it need to wax finish.

On the floor, normally with wax finishing, but on the wall, that needs to use the brilliant bright pharmaceutical to protect.

Stainless steel mosaic

Please be careful to install the mosaic as it is easy to scratch the surface.

Use alcohol to clean the surface as it is easy to have waterlogging when uses water. It is not suitable for underwater for long time as it is still metal products.

Aluminum Alloy mosaic

It is not recommend to install in place over acid or alkaline, underwater and heavy load. Use wet cloth for surface cleaning.

Wood, Coca-nut, ship wood mosaic

Wood material mosaic

Clean the dust on the surface. Only recommend to use in dry, no sunlight place.

Wood from ship can use exterior but needs protection in production.

Artificial stone

For floor

Keep clean surface, Wax regularly. Keep avoid to acid. Re-polish if it is color fade or matting. For countertop

Same with above, keep avoid to the sauce and knife with plastic pad or something like that.

Shell mosaic


Use water to clean the surface, it can wax to keep bright. Re-polish when it is scratched.

Underwater It is acceptable to install underwater, but the water should be neutral. it is not acceptable for color stained shell mosaic


It is not recommend to install exterior, it is easy to calcification and erosion.

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