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White Arrow Shape Glass Mosaic Backsplash Wall Tiles

Glass Mosaic-Glass&Materials Blends-Stream Wheat

Product Overview

◆ Exclusive Product of Global Bridge.

◆ Simple black, white and grey colors sometimes make the decorative space more vivid and interesting.

◆ With subtle changes in color that give people a different visual impact.

◆ Random tone variations add character to your space,works well as backsplash, accent wall and fireplace surround.

Product Description

We developed the special mold for the ceramic strips. You are difficult to find the same shape or texture in the market.Also, the hot-melt glass in big chip size is peculiar at home and abroad, because the high technical difficulty and high equipment cost. Therefore, we can help to protect your market effectively.Perfect for backsplashes, as an accent wall or to bring a little pop to your decor.The color selecting is inspired by the market fashion trend from our intelligent designer. The basic colors are black,white and gray, light blue and dark blue, coffee color, and turquosice color.

 Product Code Stream Wheat
 Price(For Retail) $ 16 / Pcs
 Sheet size 295 x 244 mm
 Thickness 6 mm
 Tile Material Glass
 Commercial/Residential Commercial/Residential
 Tile Use Indoor and Outdoor
 Tile Features Low water absorption, Anti-acid, Anti- alkali, Frost Resistant
 Package14 PCS/CTN, 1.01 SQM/CTN, 11.21 KGS/CTN
 Production Date Around 30 days
 Terms & Conditions Click for more
 Warranty Click for more

Product Feature

1. White Arrow Shape Glass Mosaic Backsplash Wall Tiles is close to zero. Tiles are mounted on mesh-backed sheets for a simplified installation that yields a professional look.

2. It is suitable for interior and exterior wall and floor decoration, home, decorative bathroom, background wall, building exterior, exterior wall, swimming pool and kitchen, etc.

3. Black and white and gray color is an indispensable feature of interior design, and sometimes the simplest is the best. This White Arrow Shape Glass Mosaic Backsplash Wall Tiles is perfect and simple. Easy to clean and maintain, the herringbone shape enhances the streamlined, simple yet harmonious look. 

4. White Arrow Shape Glass Mosaic Backsplash Wall Tiles  is antifreezing, acid resistant, waterproof, heat resistant and easy to clean.

5. White Arrow Shape Glass Mosaic Backsplash Wall Tiles is durable and resistant to moisture, the perfect combination of durable and practical, waterproof and anti-fouling easy to install.





White arrow shape glass mosaic backsplash wall tiles

White arrow shape glass mosaic backsplash wall tiles

Knowledge about glass mosaic

◆ Glass mosaic is well known in worldwide and it’s sales volume is big and stable compare to other kinds of mosaic. 

◆ Glass mosaic is the smallest tile in all kinds of floor and wall covering materials. It is tiny tile gluing on a paper or a net which makes it easy cutting and can fit into any surface including corner, column, curve wall, ceiling. And thanks for its glass nature, the glass mosaic can be used in any environment such as under water, outside building, under sunshine, along the seashore.  Glass mosaic can be used at any place that you want it to so that give it the great business potential. 


◆ Glass mosaic has over 1000 different in size, color and surface for single item. And based on that, customer can mix in sizes, colors and surfaces by their own will. It creates the unique design that other places never have. It’s one and only design which our customers introduce to the market every day. It is a long last business that people hard to get tied by the products. 

◆ Glass is the most beautiful invention in last century. Ever since it being introduced that people fascinated by its luster, pureness, reflection and bright color. But at the same time, glass is fragile and not easy to handle. Glass mosaic overcomes the difficulty and allows the places decorated as a shinning palace. Glass mosaic is always the eye catching product which stand out among the other background covering materials.

◆ A good product  needs to follow the Standard for glass mosaic to ensure it is able to be used in anywhere. 

◆ From time to time, we always have the products to be checked for assurance.



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